Centrul de Sanatate Podis

Scopul nostru ca institutie este de a facilita ajungerea intr-o masura cat mai mare la o stare de sanatate deplina.

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8 elemente esentiale pentru un stil de viata sanatos


Beneficii soare


Beneficii aer


Beneficii nutritie


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Beneficii temperanta

Activitate fizica

Beneficii activitate fizica


Beneficiile odihnei

Echilibru mental si spiritual

Beneficii Echilibru mental si spiritual

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  • Prof. Univ. Dr. Dan Constantinescu
    Dan Constantinescu RO
    Prof. Univ. Dr. Dan Constantinescu
  • Ioan Paicu
    In limba romana I have been a patient at Podis last year (2014), during the month of May, with my wife, Angelica. I was completely wiped out through lack of rest and this fact was seen in my blood tests. The blood chemistry is being done to each patient the very first day after his arrival in the Health Center. The time spent in Podis Health Center, the intensive treatments which were recommended in my situation, the very special atmosphere which has restored me, the wonderful people I met among Podis’ staff, everything has contributed to the radical change of my general being. For the past 60 years of my life I have visited many places, but nowhere have I found so much friendliness backed up by so much professionalism. In the end of my stay there, my blood tests came out very well, only to show how much better I was, how much energy and zest for life I had, how eager I was to tell everyone “go to Podis and see for yourself miracles happening”.
    Ioan Paicu